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a Christian woman’s worth: healing with songs

“I’ve had the privilege of leading worship for the past fifteen years or so.  I remember starting off as a very frightened, unsure twenty something – wondering why on earth I was even trying to lead other people in worship, when I felt like I had no clue what I was doing…

I want to share three things I’ve picked up along the way that have been life giving to me as I’ve learned to lead more effectively over these last years.  I pray they encourage you too.

The first and most foundational is that there is nothing more precious than presence of Jesus…

Right in the middle of a set, The Lord spoke very clearly to me and told me to release what I saw Him on (in other words, I sensed that Jesus was there to heal the sick in that moment, and had always assumed He would just get on with it as I sang, but now He was asking me to ‘action it’ as it were).  I simply sang out something about The Lord being ready to heal, and as I did all heaven broke loose!  Not, honestly, what I was expecting, but it’s what I’ve done ever since.

When Jesus commissioned us and gave us authority, that was the moment were called into this Kingdom business with Him.  We are called as partners…” (Read full article on Lessons in worship leading at: (At The Foot of The Cross (Lyrics) Kathryn Scott) (Worship Central Conference 2013 // Worship & Healing Workshop – Alan & Kathryn Scott) (Kathryn Scott “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross”) (Child of God by Kathryn Scott)

Kathryn Sarah Scott (born 29 September 1974) is a Christian songwriter and worship leader from Northern Ireland. She has written songs such as “Hungry”, “At the Foot of the Cross”, and “Search Me” for the worshipping church. She released her first album, Satisfy, in 2003, and followed it up with I Belong in 2007 and We Still Believe in 2010.

 Scott was born in Eastbourne, England and was brought up in Northern Ireland in a Christian environment. She discovered her talents for not only piano playing but also for singing at an early age. After getting married in 1996, Scott met and began to be mentored by Brian Doerksen, then leader of worship leaders of the Vineyard UK branch, and as a result, Kathryn’s songs feature on many of the Vineyard albums, including Hungry, Surrender and Come, Now is the Time.

Kathryn was one of the leading contributors to Hungry, one of the most influential albums in international contemporary worship music. Released in 1999 by Vineyard Music Group, it contains 2 of her self-penned songs (including the title track) and another with her writing credits. Kathryn, one of five worship leaders on the album, sings on 7 of the 14 songs, 2 of the 7 alongside another of the worship leaders on the album.

Her first solo album Satisfy, was released in 2003 by Vertical Records, containing 12 songs; 7 of which Kathryn penned.

Kathryn and her husband Alan serve as pastors of Causeway Coast Vineyard, a church that they planted in 1999 in Northern Ireland, and have two daughters called Sophie and Emily.

“God’s been taking me on a journey over the last three years in understanding what it means when His Kingdom comes,” she explains. “His presence is with us as we worship and with His presence comes His Kingdom, but I wasn’t seeing the sick healed, the lost found and demons flee. And it was bothering me. A lot.” (Kathryn said)

The church has a real heart to reach the lost and see the miraculous things of God occur in their own community. As a result, Causeway has a very active healing ministry with more than 20 people going into the town centre of Coleraine every Saturday offering prayer to anyone who wants it. Hundreds have been healed.

“We have seen around 24 people healed from cancer in the last two years, some of whom were suffering from terminal conditions,” Kathryn said.

A huge part of what Kathryn has written about in We Still Believe is the goodness of God. But she is quick to point out that, if you press for more of the Kingdom than you have already seen, you are going to encounter questions along the way.

“If you want more, you have to start off with a core belief that God’s good, otherwise your faith gets messed up,” Kathryn counsels. “Life’s hard. We have a very real enemy but God’s always good and if you stand on that, you can still trust Him when things you were hoping for don’t happen.”

Her most recent EP “Sing on the Battlefield” is scheduled for release in 2014. (

Please visit her web site:

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excerpts from:

” ..All of a sudden I went from writing a song or two a week, to not being able to write a single note.  At first I thought it was just a blip, and maybe when I tried again next week, it would come back.

I tried again.

Still nothing.

After a year, I’d started to give up hope that I’d ever write again, and it felt horrible.  It felt like my arms had been cut off.  This was the way I expressed myself to God, and how I understood my place in the world.  I felt lost.

After two years, I still wrestled with it from time to time, and tried to write again, but songs still wouldn’t come.  I’d begun the journey of finding out who I was, even if I never wrote another song.

By the third year, I’d set the words spoken over me into a treasure box in my heart;…

Until one night, deep in the middle of the night, I woke up with lyrics going round in my head.  I’d almost forgotten what that felt like, it had been a whole three years!  I grabbed a pen and paper and jotted them down. Honestly, they weren’t very good, and I knew it at the time too, but they were lyrics, real, actual lyrics.  I wasn’t at all sure that song writing was coming back, but I was totally OK with that.  I didn’t need it anymore.  I only needed Jesus!

Several weeks later, something started brewing in my heart.  It was a whole song this time, it was ‘Child of God’.  A few short weeks after that, I wrote a song called ‘Hungry’.  That was just the beginning, and what a beginning it was too.
Those songs, and many since, have become songs that the Church at large does use on Sundays and in services to sing out her worship.  It is the most incredible fulfillment of what Jesus spoke to me when I was 20 years old.  But the privilege, the wonder, where the life is for me, is in the belonging!  I thoroughly became His when I was between the dreaming and the coming true, and there is nothing in the world more precious to me than that.

Who I am – who you are is enough because of who we belong to.”

Following is quoted from  ‘Original Design’

“I love the phrase ‘original design’ – it’s a concept that roots and releases, reminding us that we have a Father who crafted and formed us deep within our mother’s wombs, dreaming over us before we were born.  We were planned.  We were longed for.  We were made with destiny coursing through our veins, and given the authority to match.
Each one of us has the image of our Father imprinted on our DNA – we are meant to resemble Him, to carry His mannerisms, to say things the way He does.  I love that!  Whether by design or default, we carry culture.  We ‘infect’ the atmosphere around us wherever we find ourselves.  It’s because we’re just like our Father.
We have been given authority as ‘trusted rulers’ – those who take wisdom from heaven and set it to work in the world.  It looks like life… the type of life that Jesus came to give according to John 10:10, full, vibrant, fully alert, fully engaged life.  It’s because we’re just like our Father.
We spill into every life around us, every person we engage in conversation, every stranger we befriend, every encounter, deep or fleeting – we spill what the Father has poured into us.  It’s because we’re just like Him.
Grace, forgiveness, mercy, purity, joy, generosity, fun, laughter, purpose, light, life – as we spill it, we call it out.  As we mirror heaven, we release it in others.  As we lean into the design as it was originally, those around us, whether slowly or suddenly, realise it’s for them too…. even when they don’t know Jesus yet.  And the mystery…. the more we give away what we’ve been given, the more we find our own hearts filled.
This is the way the Father dreamed it up in the beginning.  This is the way He calls every heart back to home.  This is the way He sets the lonely in families, and ignites purpose in the core of who we are.  This is how He redeems and restores towns and cities, nations and continents.  This is original design.”

kathryn and alan scott KathrynScott 2alankathryn2 satisfy______________________________________” And the mystery…. the more we give away what we’ve been given, the more we find our own hearts filled.” Agreed!


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