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Dear sisters, here is chapter two of the second love story from the longest lasting ancient record of love. The kind of love that no human could ever comprehend. Unending love, amazing grace. The reason we started this blog is to affirm to you that all that the Creator of humans has planned and spoken in His Word about you have always and will ever come to pass. None of His Word will return void. Be patient. You have already read some aspects of who you are but not all. We shall continue to hear the Holy Spirit and post God’s stories for you.

Why do we bother? Because we love you. We want to let you know someone love you. The greatest love does not come from us mortals really. The greatest love comes to you from the Creator Himself. His name is God. How did He love you? He loved you even before you ever heard of Him, before you were born. Your name, your true identity was already recorded in heaven, in a book He kept for you. He is still updating His book, an entire book for you alone. Everyone (man too) has a book of his own or her own.

Does your earthly dad keep a book for you even before you were born, before he knew your existence? From before you came into being until you leaves this earth? No, no human father can ever do that. Only our Father in heaven can do that. He cares and loves you enough to want to do that! This is called, unending love, amazing grace.

________________________________For those who did not like the Leah story, no, you are not created to be a reproduction machine. If God had wanted that He needed not create woman. He could merely create a human babies  manufacturing machine. It would have been far more efficient and economically viable. No, sisters, we are created for higher purpose. Please take the trouble to read the Spirit-inspired posts we shall be posting in this blog, specially made for you. (Man too, you may read as half of your world is occupied by woman).


Ruth 2

New Living Translation (NLT)

Ruth Works in Boaz’s Field

2 Now there was a wealthy and influential man in Bethlehem named Boaz, who was a relative of Naomi’s husband, Elimelech.

One day Ruth the Moabite said to Naomi, “Let me go out into the harvest fields to pick up the stalks of grain left behind by anyone who is kind enough to let me do it.”

Naomi replied, “All right, my daughter, go ahead.” So Ruth went out to gather grain behind the harvesters. And as it happened, she found herself working in a field that belonged to Boaz, the relative of her father-in-law, Elimelech.

While she was there, Boaz arrived from Bethlehem and greeted the harvesters. “The Lord be with you!” he said.

“The Lord bless you!” the harvesters replied.

Then Boaz asked his foreman, “Who is that young woman over there? Who does she belong to?”

And the foreman replied, “She is the young woman from Moab who came back with Naomi. She asked me this morning if she could gather grain behind the harvesters. She has been hard at work ever since, except for a few minutes’ rest in the shelter.”

Boaz went over and said to Ruth, “Listen, my daughter. Stay right here with us when you gather grain; don’t go to any other fields. Stay right behind the young women working in my field. See which part of the field they are harvesting, and then follow them. I have warned the young men not to treat you roughly. And when you are thirsty, help yourself to the water they have drawn from the well.”

10 Ruth fell at his feet and thanked him warmly. “What have I done to deserve such kindness?” she asked. “I am only a foreigner.”

11 “Yes, I know,” Boaz replied. “But I also know about everything you have done for your mother-in-law since the death of your husband. I have heard how you left your father and mother and your own land to live here among complete strangers. 12 May the Lord, the God of Israel, under whose wings you have come to take refuge, reward you fully for what you have done.”

13 “I hope I continue to please you, sir,” she replied. “You have comforted me by speaking so kindly to me, even though I am not one of your workers.”

14 At mealtime Boaz called to her, “Come over here, and help yourself to some food. You can dip your bread in the sour wine.” So she sat with his harvesters, and Boaz gave her some roasted grain to eat. She ate all she wanted and still had some left over.

15 When Ruth went back to work again, Boaz ordered his young men, “Let her gather grain right among the sheaves without stopping her. 16 And pull out some heads of barley from the bundles and drop them on purpose for her. Let her pick them up, and don’t give her a hard time!”

17 So Ruth gathered barley there all day, and when she beat out the grain that evening, it filled an entire basket. 18 She carried it back into town and showed it to her mother-in-law. Ruth also gave her the roasted grain that was left over from her meal.

19 “Where did you gather all this grain today?” Naomi asked. “Where did you work? May the Lord bless the one who helped you!”

So Ruth told her mother-in-law about the man in whose field she had worked. She said, “The man I worked with today is named Boaz.”

20 “May the Lord bless him!” Naomi told her daughter-in-law. “He is showing his kindness to us as well as to your dead husband. That man is one of our closest relatives, one of our family redeemers.”

21 Then Ruth said, “What’s more, Boaz even told me to come back and stay with his harvesters until the entire harvest is completed.”

22 “Good!” Naomi exclaimed. “Do as he said, my daughter. Stay with his young women right through the whole harvest. You might be harassed in other fields, but you’ll be safe with him.”

23 So Ruth worked alongside the women in Boaz’s fields and gathered grain with them until the end of the barley harvest. Then she continued working with them through the wheat harvest in early summer. And all the while she lived with her mother-in-law.

_______________________________Notes: So Ruth worked

Ruth worked. She received undeserved favor. A stranger gave her favor.

Look at the undeserved favor (amazing grace) she received:

  1. a wealthy and influential man in Bethlehem named Boaz, who was a relative of Naomi’s husband, Elimelech, happened to be there in the same town.
  2. Ruth happened to work in his field.
  3. He happened to see her and notice her. He even took the bother to find out who she was. (she was a poor working widow, married for ten years. So she was not exactly that fresh or young or could afford to dress up to attract any rich and influential bachelor!)
  4. The rich and influential man happened to be her kinsman redeemer.
  5. He admired and respected her character and genuine love and honor to her mother-in-law, and in turn decided to give her honor and favor too.

Do you not wonder how such coincidences could have occurred? No, they were favors from God. They still happen today to many daughters and would-be-daughters of God.

Ruth_Boaz (2)Her Kinsman Redeemer saw and came to her rescue.



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