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a Christian woman’s worth – she hears God

We are led to introduce to you an outstanding woman in the ministry of healing, God’s Way. She is Dr. Sandra Kennedy.

Here is an excerpt from Faith magazine:__________

Sandra Kennedy’s first experience with God’s ability to heal came very close to home: her own mother.

It was the ‘70s, and Kennedy was then working for the Southern Baptist Convention. Her mother, diagnosed with cancer, had been sent home to Waynesboro from the Medical College of Georgia hospital in a coma to die in peace. On the plane home, Kennedy had her Bible open in her lap. “I had taken my Bible and, through the years, had underlined all the places in it that had to do with healing using blue markers. It’s amazing what you’ll see in the Bible if you underline passages about healing; you end up with a blue Bible,” she said.

As she read and prayed, she had the overwhelming sense of God speaking to her. “I just knew mother was going to be healed,” she said.

It was a Friday, and her mother was not expected to live through Sunday. At her mother’s bedside, Kennedy prayed the Lord’s Prayer and spoke to her. “I sat there for hours,” she said. “[And] mother was healed—completely healed—and for 25 years after that … that was the beginning point of seeing what I call a huge miracle.”

Even as a small child, Kennedy says she had a sense of the “bigness” of God…yet she always remembered that in the Bible, God healed.

As a girl, she also remembers hearing what she thought was the voice of the Lord telling her that He would use her in the healing ministry. She didn’t tell anyone about the experience, but she began praying more—“which set me up for believing and having expectancy that God was an unchangeable God” and the healing that occurred in Biblical times could happen today.

She grew up very involved in her local Baptist church…and after graduating from Georgia Southern University, she enrolled in Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Tex…She earned her master’s degree and was working on her doctorate when she had the first of three personal encounters with God…During her encounter, she said, God told her that she would start a ministry called Whole Life Ministries… “[He said] that He would use me again in the healing ministry.”…

At the time, she was earning a degree in religious psychology…For years she worked as a mental health director, continuing to serve in ministry as a Christian speaker. Then, she had a second encounter—exactly the same as the first. This time, she told someone…she said. “They believed me, but no one knew what to do because I didn’t have any real strong support. I didn’t have a denomination.”

Still, Kennedy began to move slowly toward her call. “In the experience I had with the Lord in the open vision, it was obvious I was supposed to pastor a church,” she said. Ultimately, it led her to become one of the first women in the Southern Baptist Convention—and the first in Georgia to be ordained…

But afterwards, her detractors turned on her. “Before then, it was that push of having that experience with God … It was the defining moment of my life,” said Kennedy. “I knew that was part of my destiny … and it became more real than the fear. I knew that to do what God had called me to do, I had to be ordained and had to step out in this direction.”

She soon left the Southern Baptist Convention,although she continues to be an ordained Southern Baptist minister. Following her ordination, she experienced a third encounter—the same as the previous two—but this time, Kennedy met her call full force.

Whole Life Ministries launched in a “little building” on Druid Park Avenue in 1984, offering a tiny bookstore and Monday night Bible study for 30 people. As the church grew, Kennedy added a Thursday night Bible study, then a Sunday morning service. From there, the church moved to Walton Way before settling in its current location on Washington Road…

The church’s focus, said Kennedy, is on teaching, praying and healing, following Jesus’ example. She does not call herself a faith healer…But she does what the Bible says in Mark 16:18: “… they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.”

“I am nobody,” said Kennedy. “I just happen to know that Jesus is still in the healing business.”

The church has grown exponentially over the past 30 years, attracting supporters worldwide. “Against all odds, God has been faithful,” she said. “It’s certainly not me; it’s what God has done. It’s certainly been an amazing journey.”


___________________About Dr. Sandra Kennedy (excerpts from http://www.sandrakennedy.org/about/)

Dr. Sandra Kennedy is the founder and president of Sandra Kennedy Ministries®, as well as the founder and Senior Pastor of Whole Life Ministries®. Under the inspiration of God, Pastor Sandra established The Healing Center, a wonderful place where the Word of God is exalted, the healing power of God is manifested and the love and compassion of Christ is demonstrated.  The Healing Center teachers are specially trained to minister the healing power of God’s Word.  National and international participants numbering in the thousands have personally received this specialized ministry and numerous reports have been documented of various healings, including cancer, stroke and diabetes, as well as the re-growth of body parts.  In addition to the Healing Center, Healing Teams consisting of individuals specially trained to minister the healing power of God’s Word are sent to the hospitalized or homebound.  The Healing Teams are now welcomed in over 16 hospitals within a 100 mile radius of Augusta, Georgia.

Dr. Kennedy was given a mandate by God to “grow up the Body of Christ and teach them victory”, addressing the whole man:  spirit, soul, and body.  This mandate is evident in every facet of Dr. Kennedy’s ministry, and is conveyed through her teachings, television programs, books and conferences.  Dr. Kennedy is passionate about teaching the Body of Christ to live victoriously by applying the Word of God to their lives, both individually and corporately.

Sandra’s radio ministry also reaches a world-wide audience through internet radio at Word of Faith Radio. Our hour program airs each Saturday from 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. (EST)

The healing center: http://www.sandrakennedy.org/healing-ministries/the-healing-center/

_____________________Here is a website where you may download her audio and video teachings (complete with ram horn blowing, worship songs):  http://www.sandrakennedy.org/watchonline/

I personally heard her recorded 2013 (1-27-2013) state of the church address at the beginning of this year. When I compared the prophetic words with what had gone by this year, I realized that the words had come to pass, even pertaining to my own personal life. She certainly hears the Lord. I find the worship anointed and the preachings relevant for us today. (note: for gospel music and songs lover, do not miss this!)

dr sandra kennedy


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