daughter of God, God's creation, woman story

why do women not be women?

Some men wonder why women seem not be women (submitting to everything the man says or asks her to do). There are many causes and effects which become causes too. Cause and effect theories are mere theories and subject to changes. Let us read what cannot be changed.

First we must agree some rules: the Bible is God’s words; God’s words do not change. But there are views and interpretations based on man’s culture and tradition which is not according to the Bible. Today we look at what the Bible really says. God has no favor. He speaks the truth about how he views us.

Case one: The first woman Eve was helper to the first man, Adam. God gave command to Adam not to eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. When the serpent tempted the woman to eat it, the man Adam was there by her side. He chose to be silent and allowed the woman to continue the conversation with the serpent. When she fell for the lies he too fell. When God questioned Adam, he blamed Eve and God for giving him this helper!) Adam heard God and talked to God freely. But he did not really know or respect God. Adam failed to impart any godliness to or gain any respect from Eve.

Case two: Sarah was the first wife of Abraham, the first man called by God to start a new nation (people) who belongs to God. He was a man of faith. He heard God and talked to God, like Adam did. Sarah was the most beautiful woman ever. Even at advanced age her looks was ageless and kings fell for her. But Abraham was willing to forego her to save his own physical life when under the power of foreign kings (representing second heaven principalities and rulers). He forgot his own God who is all Almighty, Creator of the universes, heavens and earth. Surely God could have supernaturally saved him without him sacrificing and shaming his wife. He did not know God as he thought he did. Thus, he could not stop his wife Sarah laughing at him when she heard the angel pronouncing him having a child at the age of one hundred! He could not stop Sarah from thinking of a away to have a child by her maid just to help him out. He could not stop Sarah from casting the maid and her child out as God has only promised inheritance to Isaac, Sarah’s own son.

Case three: Isaac repeated the same unbelief in God as his father Abraham did and put his beloved beautiful wife Rebecca to shame. Isaac could not gain any respect from Rebecca because he did not respect her. She chose to favor Jacob her younger son to inherit God’s blessing (superseding the older son) just as she remembered God’s earlier prophesy to them. On the other hand, Isaac preferred to ignore and forget about God’s professed will.



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