BIBLE LOVE STORY (5) : what does true love really mean?

mary and joseph on their waya true love story that had been overlooked.

a fifty percent perspective

This is the best love story for today. The love that never gives up.

Today we read a love story like never before and never again. the man and the woman involved and the decisions they made out of love is beyond human comprehension! who are they?

This historical story involves a young godly royal woman who was a virgin. She was engaged to be married to a godly royal man, in a conservative religious rural society over two thousands years ago. Although she her husband to be were of royal descent they lived humbly, he being a carpenter. Yes, her name is Mary and his name is Joseph, of King David’s lineage.

Mary was told by God (through an angel) that she was to give birth to a boy, conceived by the Holy Spirit, and He will be the Savior of mankind. Joseph was told in a dream given by God similarly that he…

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