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a letter about freedom from pain

prayingThis is a letter to those who are facing the tormentor called ‘pain’.

Dear ones:

Pain is a personal experience. Although we have learned through specialized studies how and why it functions, we cannot really control pain. Because my late mother suffered bad pains in her hip joint in her old age, the doctors prescribed pain killers and other medicine to control the side effects of the pain killers, resulting that she had to take a lot of medication daily. At that time I was not aware of using prayers to control pain and suffering. So I did  a post graduate study on health psychology and the first thesis I chose to undertake was on a study on “managing pain”. I did very well academically and graduated.

After the study and completion of my academic venture I concluded that there was really no effective human way to control and eliminate pain. it was very sad that during my mother’s last few years of life on earth I could not help her and the pain killers and other medication were harmful and caused her unnecessary sufferings.

In the recent ten years I was led to watch and listen to Christian healing testimonies by healed people for various diseases and conditions. I went personally to investigate, read and studied, and even practiced on myself. The testimonies of others and the Bible based teaching convinced me. I continue to believe and by now I have been off all forms of Western or Eastern medicines and medical or alternative (diets, gadgets, herbs, portions etc.) treatments for about five years.

My only divine health sustaining way is living by faith on God’s words (including reading, listening, proclaiming, prayers, praise and worship as led by the Holy Spirit, based on God’s words).

The first breakthrough came when I was baptized with the Holy Spirit. There was no dramatic happening. But my spiritual eyes were open and I could understand what the words of God really mean. There was indeed a transformation in the unseen realm. I was led to live a spiritual life in the kingdom of God just as Jesus has promised. Physically this means I could use the authority of the name of Jesus effectively over my pains and other conditions. Mentally it means I could pull down the lies and deceptions of unbelief, discouragement, depressive  and oppressive thoughts put in my mind by the enemy of God.

Spiritually it means I could relate closely to God in my personal worship and praise and prayers often in the Spirit (including singing in the Spirit). My whole life has been transformed, body, mind and spirit.

Today I am living a healthy and fit life. I have weaned myself off a lot of modern amenities (including bag full of medicines) and traveled to places where I would have avoided previously due to the lack of many physical ‘comfort’.

It is like living again. This time it is the real more abundant life that Jesus has given.

Love in Christ, your sister.


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