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Why the Church Needs Women

woman praising God
a woman praising God

Why the Church Needs Women (excerpts are quoted here)

Here’s the gist of it: women are living, breathing witnesses to the truth about human nature who in their very bodies direct God’s Church away from idolatry and heresy and toward true Christian faith and practice.

And here’s why.

The Greek culture within which Paul preached was fundamentally Platonic in its outlook.  The Greeks despised…

Now.  All of the early heresies that orthodox Christianity rejected can best be understood as a misappropriation of early Christian teaching into a Greek worldview..

What’s this got to do with women?  Well, in one respect, the Greeks were right: women (generally) are much more in touch with their bodies than men are.  Women menstruate, women give birth, women nurse children.  Their bodies are intimately tied into the ongoing cycle of life and death that is an essential part of being human…

Here’s the point: women remind us men that we, too, are flesh.  In doing so, they encourage us men to accept our limitations and our humanity, and thus, to accept the salvation that comes in the flesh of Jesus Christ.  It is women who lead men into God’s kingdom…

Women are indispensible to God’s ministry.  Therefore, women are indispensible to God’s Church.  We men need women to show us the truth about our own bodies, to reveal them to us as the very focus of God’s saving love in Jesus Christ.

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