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Why do some women not want to be women? (2) soul issues

In my previous post I highlighted the difference between the word female and the word woman.
I also showed that the economic and social role of a woman does not redefine and change her gender.
I submitted that reading the Bible, we are told that God created male and female in His image. We cannot find God or Jesus discriminating a woman because of her femaleness.
Instead we find Jesus having male and female disciples and followers. Many women financially supported Jesus and the male disciples. Jesus specifically warns His disciples that unlike the people of the world, no one should lord over others among His followers.
Conclusion from previous post: Being born female or male does not make one less human or les valuable in God’s eyes. In God’s original plan, as demonstrated by Jesus in words and in deeds, the two genders complement each other. Both are of God and from God.
Today I continue to ask the question why some women do not want to be woman.
I shall try viewing this topic from the soul perspective.
The soul includes our mind and our emotion (feeling).
Our mind is where we think and make decisions. The emotion is how we respond to what and how we think.
Some may believe we are what we think. Yes and no.
Yes, you can become the person whom you think you are.
No, the person is not necessarily the real you created by God.
Whatever influences your thoughts may not be real. Your thoughts can be conditioned.
What condition our mind?  Political-social-economic-cultural-traditional-educational-nurture-factors.
I would caution that up to now it is still very difficult to determine what factors are the causes and what are the effects. The fixed can be variable and vice versa.
However the above factors do affect the way we think, behave and react.
Coming back to the question of why some women do not want to be woman.
For example, having been educated and conditioned to giving high priority to self worth, if my experience with being a woman gives me the worth and well being that I have been conditioned and accustomed to accept as my need and want,  I shall remain happy as a woman.
If I have had really bad and deplorable experiences or the aforementioned factors were threatening my continuing survival being a woman with self worth,  I would think twice of remaining a woman if given a choice.
(I am not saying that there is no woman who would prefer to die if she can’t remain a woman.)
In human history there were cases of female under social economic discrimination and oppression having to disguise as male in order to survive or be free. 
A drama well depicted this reality:
Albert Nobbs (Glenn Close) is a woman living as a man in order to find work in the harsh environment of 19th-century Ireland. Albert suppressed her femaleness due to the factors mentioned above.
The story was based on a real person.
Conclusion from today’s discourse: the self acceptance of a woman in her mind is important to determine whether she wants to be a woman or not. Her thoughts are influenced by a number of external variables.
In the case of Albert Nobbs and Hubert,  it was the desire to be their own boss that drove them to begin and persist. In the case of Albert he persisted for over thirty years, all his youthful life invested in a dream of saving enough tips to buy a place and set up a small business.

I have found that the desire to be independent is quite a strong motivation for a woman not want to remain a woman. This too is a social economic variable.
I shall look at the spiritual variable in my next post.


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