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Why do some women not want to be woman (5): heart relationship issue

hers hersI am reminded that my series of mini posts on the subject is not complete if I leave out the relationship-heart issue.
I shall again state that I do not presume this is comprehensive. I shall also only speak on this subject in relation to the spiritual reality of human existence.
I read of women couples who have lived together and remained committed and faithful to each other for a large part of their adult lives. Some share a family bond which is stronger and more enduring than that of other couples. The faithfulness to each other, love, kindness and honor they treat each other, sustaining consistency and stability of their relationship is exemplary from a humanistic physical and soul view.
This morning I was pondering over how to say what I need to say from a spiritual view point.
What shall I say to an old couple who have lived happily and peacefully together for over fifty years? They have worked in unison for half a century towards the same goals and contributed to the political social economic issues that matter to them. ~~~~~~
What have I to offer? I have nothing to say in the humanistic physical and soul realm.
In the spiritual realm I would still urge every woman to seek answer in the spirit.
Our spirit goes somewhere after this body is laid to rest.
I still say that the Bible is the most reliable spiritual book.
It is painful to read and you may reject and close your ears and eyes and hearts at first. If you persist and keep reading and listening to the words of God, the initial anger will not stop you to move forward and deeper into the spirit.
No human preaching and lecturing can truly transform. But the Holy Spirit indeed moves with God’s words and releases God’s power to change the way we think from within.
One day the words in their pure form will come crashing down and the meanings will rise in you like the morning stars.
Suddenly you know God is talking to you.
When you are being transformed by the renewing of your mind, you will go through a period of grief and mourning, just as though you have encountered a death: denial, anger, fear, hurt, bargain and sadness.
It is a period of high stress.
The only way to get over it is still through the words of God. The Holy Spirit is the Comforter. He will comfort you.
If you have loved each other deeply and lived a full life together for a long time, for some almost a whole life time, there’s really no human reason to part.
But if you know the spiritual God and believe in His words and promises, by the power of the Holy Spirit and the faith that God has given you, you can bear the feeling of pain and the practical inconveniences and discomfort.

Should you continue to live together? I have no answer and I shall not be presumptuous. My only guide is a Bible verse that proclaims this, “There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit.” (Romans 8:1)

As what I have concluded in my previous post, the love of God compels and empowers. You can. Out of love for God and for your loved one.
Question: how long will this process take? The Lord will tell you. He will become your best friend.
Just take the first step of faith and He is already pleased.
Why must it be so hard, so unfair? Some may ask.
I have no answer.
Jesus says that the way to life is through a narrow gate. Living by the Spirit is the narrow way. Living by faith in the unseen God is the narrow way. Believing in Jesus is the narrow way. Believing that the words of God is alive-spirit and life is the narrow way. (John 6:63)
For my part, I would always question my human love. No human love can ever match the love of God.
One day I heard this from the Lord in my spirit: “What makes you think that I don’t love your loved one more than you do?”
True. No human can out do God where love is concerned.
Love does not demand its own way. (1 Corinthians 13:5)
No greater love than this:
Jesus gave His life so that we may have life.


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