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Calling all unencumbered women


Waters waiting seed
Fertile ground cries out for more
We can feed thousands
More faith in action challenge today:
We heed the Kingdom of God call further today. If you are unencumbered and free, this is for you today. Ask the Lord for the many waters and streams for you to plant seedlings (invest). Take your business as a mission that counts in the Kingdom of God!
In some poorest nations, many abandoned or widowed mothers need jobs to feed and educate their children. Their lands are fertile. There are streams of waters. They cry out day and night for women with a passion for God, and compassion for God’s daughters and children.

Isaiah 32:10-20 New Life Version (NLV)
In a little more than a year, you will be troubled. There will be no grapes to gather, the wine will not be made. Shake with fear, you women who live an easy life. Be troubled, you daughters, who feel safe. Take off your clothes and cover your bodies with cloth made from hair. Beat your breasts for the good fields, for the vine full of fruit, and for the land of my people in which thorns and thistles will come up.
Yes, be sorry for all the houses of joy, and for the happy city, because the king’s house will be empty. The city full of people will be left empty. The hill and the watch-tower will become a place for wild animals forever, a happy place for wild donkeys, a field for flocks.
It will be this way until the Spirit is poured out upon us from heaven, and the desert becomes a field giving so much fruit, that it seems as if it has many trees. Then what is right and fair will be in the desert. What is right and good will be in the field of much fruit. The work of being right and good will give peace. From the right and good work will come quiet trust forever.
Then my people will live in a place of peace, in safe homes, and in quiet resting places.
But it will hail when the many trees come down and all the city will be laid waste.
How happy will you be, you who plant seeds beside all waters, and let the cattle and donkeys eat in any field.


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