a haiku story: Dear Love, daughter of God, haiku, photography, thoughts, travel, writing

Dearest love, she replied: a haiku

a letter in replyDearest love, she replied:

Yes I read you across realms

thousand tears and smiles

~~~~~~~~~~Sometimes they cannot receive the physical letters from each other. Often it’s because one of them has traveled too far and beyond. There is no modern communication network in those realms. Sometimes it may not be physically appropriate to write and entrust the letters through a medium, whatever mode it may be. Yet they write letters. The traveler needs to write to a loved one who may be at home or in a place called ‘home’, where they have last said goodbye and from which one of them has journeyed on. Because there is now no wall between a combat zone and a peace zone where ordinary non-combating earth residents live their harmless daily lives, because combats are no longer based on formal declaration and agreement to combat between the parties concerned, and because there is really no foreseeable next move of certainty by anyone, letters between one another human individual revive from ashes. It is hard to say goodbye not knowing when she will meet her loved one again. It is hard too to know that there will be no regular physical letter. How will she know what the loved one is saying to her? She knows. She just knows from the words they have spoken to each other before and the hundreds of thousands of tears and smiles carefully stored in the memory.


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