photography, poetry, writing

they dress

early springearly surprises

dreaming Spring calling arise

putting on best dress

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~This picture was taken in the depth of Winter. A neighbor’s front yard was suddenly in blooms. Lovely surprises. In the winter of human lives too, we make efforts to rise from bed, take a bath, comb our hair, put on colors and dress up. Is any guest coming? We do not really consider that when we do this dressing ritual. Human keeps ritual to maintain hygiene and sanity. So do other living things. They are not exactly things. They are living. All living beings have a beauty ritual to keep. And these flowers decorate themselves faithfully in the short burst of sunlight for the brief period of a semblance of Spring time, in the amazing grace of their Creator. Why be a beast when you can be a beauty?

The flowers appear on the earth; The time of singing has come, And the voice of the turtledove Is heard in our land.

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