to wall or not to wall: a budding woman entrepreneur’s solution

God sets all the borders of the earth

A Gen.Z offers a solution to the wall issue. Why are you ancients (all above 15 years old) so boring? Why can’t you simply get stuff done and not repeatedly squabble? She then went on to give a minimalistic IMHO (hers) solution in Gen.Z language in text. (Transliterated by this blogger)

The main issue: To wall or not to wall. In another wordy sentence: To secure or not to secure the sovereignty of a nation through building a border wall so as to be more effective in processing and registering potential foreign workers or other economic migrants or whosoever etc.

Assumption 1: Those outside believe it most desirable to get inside by walking across the border without waiting for documents.

Assumption 2: Those outside try to get inside by whatever shortest means they can because they believe it as their best current option.

Assumption 3: Those outside once inside will try all means not to leave regardless of their employability or continuing independent legitimate sustainability.

Assumption 4: Those inside have a legitimate right to maintain the size and components of their population to ensure a continuance of an established lifestyle they have enjoyed in their legitimate sovereign homeland.

Assumption 5: Those originally inside cannot believe that in its right mind any nation would allow whosoever to simply walk in without documents and a due process of screening and registering.

Factors to consider:

Pros: Abundant supply of voiceless and faceless unregistered foreign workers at a much lower unofficial wage could mean higher profit margin, more profit and higher ROI for those who employ them.

Cons: Uncontrollable influx of unregistered workers could cost the registered tax payers more in terms of additional social and other related economic, social, medical and law and order burden and thereby, happiness and wellbeing.

Moral and ethical issue: Unregistered workers could face economic, social and other exploitations, degradations and loss of dignity as a free human being without the legal right to redress as a citizen has. Beware of bringing back slavery and oppression.

Solution: Build an effective system to ensure that both sides are duly protected and respected against whatever issues as mentioned above and whatever adversities and hardships not mentioned.

Application: For example, deal with and make accountable and responsible the leaders of the outsiders’ original countries and set up registries there to process the applications.

Set up moral, ethical, productive and profitable employment opportunities there. Upgrade the livelihood of the local there. This option is predicated on altruistic (if there is such a thing) magnanimity or other realistically commercially viable and profitable considerations on the part of the investors.

IMHO thinking outside the box: The enterprising can offer to buy off the whole poor nation like buying a company if it is insolvent/bankrupt and no longer able to run its business proficiently and profitably and take care of its own people/employees.

IMHO thinking outside the box: Since so many people are desperately trying to get inside America, why not consider selling duplicates of America in as many places as possible in the vicinity where people are desperate to leave their homeland to get into America!

Unsigned: IMHO from a Gen.Z

This fifty percent blogger’s IMHO food for thought: people have souls and are not properties and are not for sale unless they are really desperate. It looks as if some people are indeed desperate at this time. This is not just Americans vs the poor nations issue. This is a borderless global economic issue. The rich and the poor are both borderless. I like the business enterprising idea of selling duplicates of America though. Aren’t we all already doing it? Are we not doing it virtually? Time to think of physical Apps.

Psalm 74:17 (NKJV) You have set all the borders of the earth;
You have made summer and winter.


2 thoughts on “to wall or not to wall: a budding woman entrepreneur’s solution

  1. yourprotagonist

    I am always seeking real conversations towards making the best changes and keeping the best state on this issue of human rights and God’s perspective. Thank you for these good thoughts on the matter. Yes! Why doesn’t the U.S. buy whole nations? I suppose it would be worth a try. And, a try and try again.

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    1. Crosslife Spaces Post author

      Thank you for your comment. I am an optimist who believe in positive solutions that really do good and not harm to all concerned. How can that be? Human history shows that it can be done. There are many economic solutions which are effective and more sustainable in the long term. My personal strategy is to look at issues with economics in mind and humanity in heart. What do people want? For the people of the world, hierarchy of needs is still a reasonable practical guide for dealing with the mass immigration from poor countries to rich countries root causes. I have lived in poor and rich countries and received this general feedback from the ordinary people called general masses. For spiritual people the hierarchy of needs may not be the same. People who are truly secured and happy in their relationship with God have a different hierarchy of needs. I know of people who legitimately migrated to rich nations and preferred to return to their poorer home nations of origin after awhile. The lure of material and other physical securities seem not able to give them happiness. They miss their own social support in their home country. The major obstacle to them finding happiness in their new country is their inability to adapt and assimilate and peacefully co-exist with others. Can any cultural group do that? Uprooting completely and be prepared to join as a grafted branch to another tree? This is the big question. A grafted branch does not cause harm to the tree it is grafted to. It has to draw all the nourishment and goodness from its new mother to survive and bloom. This is a fact every immigrant must see and consider before making any move.

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