An epic tragedy: two men, one woman, treachery and falsehood vs loyalty and integrity

She is a beautiful, wise, good, wealthy, royal woman. But her life is full of tragedies and sadness. She was forcibly taken and violated by a trusted family friend. Her loyal and heroic godly husband was betrayed and murdered by his best friend and superior. Her grandfather and father ended up in the enemy’s camp because of what their trusted king and friend did to their family…but God gives grace to her, a woman with no say and no power to do anything except to submit in silent anger in those dark ages of women. God preserves her brilliant and good son for her, and makes him one of the most successful and noteworthy kings in history! Her husband, the loyal godly warrior is vindicated. His name is placed alongside the king in the lineage of Jesus the Messiah!

AAAA Watchman

An Epic tragedy: centered on a beautiful wealthy royal woman’s family story. Like a Greek drama. But it is written in the Bible.

Her name? Queen Bathsheba. Surprise! I have decided to write about this most misunderstood extraordinary woman of destiny. In Proverbs 31:1 the author declared that it is “the sayings of King Lemuel, which his mother taught him.” Proverbs 31:1-9 records an exhortation from a godly queen mom to her son, the king, on chastity, justice, mercy and temperance required of a good king.

Her famous son, Solomon, composed three thousand proverbs, and a thousand and five songs. (1 Kings 4:32) It is believed that the Solomon is King Lemuel here and the mother is Bathsheba, the most misunderstood queen (and queen-mom), an obedient daughter, a good wife, and a wise mother. Solomon is known as the wisest and richest man ever lived. No doubt he inherited some…

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