New and old about 2021 and beyond entrepreneurial small business and internet marketing

People are asking: what is the newest marketing tip? These are some of the posts I have blogged here on entrepreneurial small business and internet marketing. I am aware that there is a need for such resources online in a blog form. I have newly researched related information to put into this blog, as I watch the economic situation on my watch list. Here is a new tip: My next topic is on “mobile/hand phone as a marketing platform/tool”. (Do look out for it and my business series in this best women blog and my Millennial internet blog)

List of previous posts for the new comers:

All about entrepreneurial small business and internet marketing


women’s internet club: The Millennial Influencers Squad* (start-up session)


women’s internet club: introducing the #femalemillennial influencers


women’s internet club: 6th meeting (FAQ): how to generate income from blogging?


Women’s internet Club: 4th meeting (conducted by serious senior nerd)


Dronesville’s (women’s)Internet Club, Dunkirk, new adventure (introduction)


Review Christian blog readership out of 153 millions; my top ten list (2009-2021)

women’s internet club: 5th meeting (FAQ): how to choose social media?

Women’s internet Club: first meeting, a somewhat hilarious zooming affair

new series “businesses 2021 and beyond”:stories from the finish line, an interview

new series “businesses 2021 and beyond” success stories: industrial cooling system, most expensive dessert etc.

new series “businesses 2021 and beyond”: A REAL LIFE BUSINESS SUCCESS CASE (2021-06-12)

new series “businesses 2021 and beyond”—success stories: young banker from ranks, woman manager with elite background

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