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Review Christian blog readership out of 153 millions; my top ten list (2009-2021)

Blogging secret. What drives more readership to your Christian blog out of 153 millions? What internet marketing I do? Can you find clues in my top ten list?

AAAA Watchman

A SUCCESS SECRET many Christian bloggers want to know: what drives more readership to your Christian blogs? There are 2.4 billion people who profess to be Christians*. When I googled the phrase “Christian Blogs 2021” what appeared on screen is this “About 153,000,000 results”! The phrase “Christian blogs WordPress” generated “13,100,000” results. The question is what makes your blog stand out in real “readership” compared to the millions out there?

Today this watchman for God looks at my old WordPress blogs record. My own top ten list. What did online seekers search over the last decade and found my blogs? I list the following for those who are interested in the spiritual and biblical and prophetic. (NB: I have excluded those immensely popular but I have since removed to the Private category) Please click on the following links to get to each article.)

  1. How Jesus reveals Himself and uses His…

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Women’s internet Club: 4th meeting (conducted by serious senior nerd)

We welcome today the famous nerd father of the young nerd. We call him IJ (for Indiana Jones). Most of the Dronesville ladies already know him. As you know, Mr. IJ made a sizable fortune by supplying the latest internet virtual football gaming App. to a very rich and powerful young king. (Read the series … Continue reading Women’s internet Club: 4th meeting (conducted by serious senior nerd)