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Time only knows the price: a haiku

traveler's taleMany more paces

before settling his lifelong

love grows not in haste

(Haiku and photograph from this traveler)


Time will say nothing but I told you so
Time only knows the price we have to pay;
If I could tell you I would let you know.

If we should weep when clowns put on their show,
If we should stumble when musicians play,
Time will say nothing but I told you so.

There are no fortunes to be told, although,
Because I love you more than I can say,
If I could tell you I would let you know.

The winds must come from somewhere when they blow,
There must be reason why the leaves decay;
Time will say nothing but I told you so.

Perhaps the roses really want to grow,
The vision seriously intends to stay;
If I could tell you I would let you know.

Suppose the lions all get up and go,
And the brooks and soldiers run away;
Will Time say nothing but I told you so?
If I could tell you I would let you know.

poem from WH Auden)

an almost perfect rose: a haiku

almost perfect rosealmost perfect rose

how rare yet how regreful

having missed her best


Therefore you shall be perfect, just as your Father in heaven is perfect. (Matthew 5:48)

and begged Him that they might only touch the hem of His garment. And as many as touched it were made perfectly well. (Matthew 14:36)

[ Seeing God Through Love ] No one has seen God at any time. If we love one another, God abides in us, and His love has been perfected in us. (1 John 4:17)

There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love. (1 John 4:18)

He dreamed he spread dreams: a poem and a haiku

2015-03-07 purple

a haiku

dreaming spreading dreams

tenderly he wrote a poem

splendid color sprang


(a poem from a senior’s mouth)

He dreamed he spread dreams under her feet

royal purple in ManySplendored Thing.

“Tread softly because you tread on my dreams,”

he stammered and fortified against laughter.

Many hopefuls have uttered same in caption

regardless usual flaunts and deaf-eared norm

Alas, dreamers never learn to love ration

or find real strength to quench deceiving passion


Words in italics are quoted from:

A ManySplendoured Thing is a novel by Han Suyin.

I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.” Poem by W. B. Yeats

love faith hope beauty: a haiku

(blooms in September)

20150908 flowrs in SptmbrBlooms are surprises

in this dry arid country

love faith hope beauty

adieu mon ami to old dreams

cross road

they came to this point

saying goodbye to old dreams

adieu mon ami


Everyday we walk and come across junctions. A junction is a place where we halt briefly and make a decision to choose one direction to continue. It can be a junction of three directions including the one from which you have left. A junction can be a place where four roads meet and is called a cross road. One thing we know is no one can linger at a junction for too long. You just need to make up your mind within the short span of time allowed. The good news is, you may travel far and one day come to the same junction again. By then of course things would have changed. i pray each one of us make the right decision at the right time with the right person.

her eyes will not cry

20150603 an evening 2

her eyes will not cry

on such a glorious morning

wordless love from sky


Sadness cannot overcome a heart that is determined to smile. Yes, despite disappointment, hurt and perhaps even pain. There is always a greater love to look up to.

The psalmist said,
“Surely your goodness and unfailing love will pursue me all the days of my life, and I will live in the house of the Lord forever.” (Psalm 23:60