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Rambling thoughts: Gender Polarization and solution (updated June 8, 2020)

woman's In Christ position Gender polarization is an ancient monster that has reared its ugly head menacingly and is increasingly prowling around looking for victims to devour in this time. But I cannot remember my siblings and I being deliberately brought up in the polarization way. We were just flowing with life and circumstances. In … Continue reading Rambling thoughts: Gender Polarization and solution (updated June 8, 2020)

awakening women in economics

Awakening "Women have awoken." Some reporters/editors/media opinion might describe women this way when they pen some news about women taking part in some public group actions occasionally. Let us not congratulate ourselves too soon as we read their remark. The remark implies only one thing: women/some women had been sleeping beauties all this while. This … Continue reading awakening women in economics

The woman movement and God, a testimony: does God care about you?

Isaiah 49:15This is relevant today. Some women are still angry with God and with their issues that seem not resolved because of many man-made blockages. Please read on…

1 Corinthians 11:11 Nevertheless, neither is man independent of woman, nor woman independent of man, in the Lord. 12 For as woman came from man, even so man also comes through woman; but all things are from God.

Women in their best

romans-122Some women are very angry. They decide to take matters into their own hands and walk down the street to make their voices heard. I know how it hurts or infuriates oneself when one feels that others are not listening, or worse, perhaps mocking or scoffing in their hearts. It hurts to be considered and treated as a second best or third best or not even a human who matters (in some societies). Gender, age, color, race, looks, nationality. All these matter to the physical world. Discrimination means her physical rights and entitlement are taken away from her because of her age, gender, looks, race, color or nationality (even if she has the right color, race, or looks). Indeed, in the fallen world, all men are not born equal. This is not a new issue. Some women may not know this, gender men are not born equal too. Have things improved since…

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a friend not weathered

a friend not Weathered. We have a friend who is a friend to many travelers. She is about six (42 years old in human term). She lives alone guarding her absentee master's house. Sometimes some visitors stay longer and become her friends. A few become her family. When we hear her making strange sounds at … Continue reading a friend not weathered

2017 favorites: grand old style and Harrods’ high tea rambling

2017 Favorites while traveling. Did I enjoy the travel? Well, sometimes I did. It is the company that matters really. But I prefer most my own comfy home sweet home. A warning to all in the grand category: be prepared for grand kids shooting up. They can grow up too fast into the sophistication of … Continue reading 2017 favorites: grand old style and Harrods’ high tea rambling

A morning in travel time: Why is your poetry so normal?

With a favorite poet "Poetry does not feed a physical hunger," she said. "But I persisted because of how it has allowed me to develop as a person spiritually." "If you are too focused on the technical elements - getting the how and what right - you can forget the why. The why, for me, … Continue reading A morning in travel time: Why is your poetry so normal?

an evanescent rose: random perspective

An Evanescent  rose. I took this picture in late November 2015 at Santa Cruz, CA. I have a soft spot for roses. Is it because of their beauty despite the thorns? Or should I rephrase my question to, is it because of their beauty in having the thorns? I believe there are two perspectives. One can … Continue reading an evanescent rose: random perspective

a word of comfort to a woman of faith

KJV Luke 8:48 And he said unto her, Daughter, be of good comfort: thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace. AMPC And He said to her, Daughter, your faith (your confidence and trust in Me) has made you well! Go (enter) into peace (untroubled, undisturbed well-being). MSG Jesus said, “Daughter, you took a … Continue reading a word of comfort to a woman of faith

a decorative path of love

The 16th Avenue Tiled Steps project has been a neighborhood effort to create a beautiful mosaic running up the risers of the 163 steps located at 16th and Moraga in San Francisco. The residents had been working on this project since January of 2003. It was inspired by the famous stairs in Rio De Janero, … Continue reading a decorative path of love

a reflected tree in a tropical aquarium

Weekly photos challenge Mirror This picture was taken in December 2014 at a tropical aquarium. It was a day trip with a young and energetic enthusiast for fish and marine lives. It was a clear day and this pond was outside the aquarium. The reflection mirrored the trees and the sky above quite well despite … Continue reading a reflected tree in a tropical aquarium

woman’s half is beautiful

Why I name this blog fifty percent? From a man's perspective it means the male population. From a woman's perspective it means the female population. Similarly, the husband views his half s important, whereas the wife focuses on her half of the marriage relationship. Perhaps it's not exactly equal half for each to hold. Nonetheless none can … Continue reading woman’s half is beautiful

She said,“I like adventures, and I’m going to find some.” (short quotes)

Louisa May Alcott quotes “Preserve your memories, keep them well, what you forget you can never retell.” “Life is like college; may I graduate and earn some honors.” “I like adventures, and I’m going to find some.” “Well, if I can't be happy, I can be useful, perhaps.” “I ask not for any crown But … Continue reading She said,“I like adventures, and I’m going to find some.” (short quotes)

grand-aunt’s visit 23: once a bird (a haiku)

she was once a bird a mother perhaps in time sadly snared and caged ~~~~~~~~Visiting museum is not the senior's favorite. Because she prefers to see life, its vibrance, enthusiasm and hope. The museum records a past. There is no hope there. There is hope in the future. Where are the children of this bird if … Continue reading grand-aunt’s visit 23: once a bird (a haiku)

Grand-aunt’s visit 22: cloudy perception (a haiku)

do you see the dog? the puzzled boy shook his head gold caterpillar ~~~~~~~~~~~The senior remarks: Often we see with what we already see in the mind: While I am thinking of my little dog alone waiting for me to return after this visit, you are thinking of your outdoor discovery lesson. But what does … Continue reading Grand-aunt’s visit 22: cloudy perception (a haiku)